shopcat page




Shopcat lives in the shop all of the time. She was a wild stray that just showed up here when she was a older kitten. She was probably dumped off in the area and found her way into the shop for shelter. It took a few days after we first seen her but we got her to tame down after we started feeding her.

We were concerned at first that a cat would get caught in the equipment or get the sharp metal shavings in her paws. After several years it is clear that the shop environment is compatible with a cat. Apparently the metal chips are no more serious than natural thorns outdoors.


During the day Shopcat hangs out in the shop. Some days she will watch the guys making parts, patrol the facility looking for mice or just find a box to lay on and sleep. After she showed up the rodent issues went away. I have been trying to teach her to run the wire edm but she doesn't seem interested. Its very hard to learn to run equipment when you are close to the ground, have 4 feet, and don't have opposed thumbs to grip with.

Shopcat has had her shots, is healthy and well treated, and was fixed after the first litter of kittens. We keep her lots of food and clean water in the shop and she can go outside whenever she wants.


First rule with Shopcat, don't mess with shopcat when she doesn't want to be messed with. She is fully armed with razor sharp claws and teeth.

Sometimes she hangs out in the used EDM wire bin.

Resting on the fire blanket atop the TIG welder

Looking for rodents on the floor

Sleeping upside down in the office