Every day we see our jobs go overseas to places like China, Korea & Viet Nam.

If you threw away every piece of your clothing not made in the USA would you be naked?

If you threw away all of the food in your house grown or produced in another country, what would be left to eat?

What about the pc you are looking at right now? Your phone? Your dishes? Your shoes? The chair you are sitting in?

Your tv? Your radio? Your car, or its parts? How about your tires? Your comb? Your toothbrush? Your medicine? Your kids toys?

How much of your paycheck is spent each week for products made by other countries?

This is not about where the company headquarters is at, where are the production facilities at?

Do you own anything made by anyone who works in the USA?

Do you know how many major primary machine tool builders are left in the USA? There were hundreds a few years ago, we have very few now and they outsource a lot of their components overseas.

We are almost out of manufacturing capacity here and we are running out of jobs.

National wealth is generated from marketing renewable and nonrenewable resources like iron, copper, coal, timber, crops, livestock, and oil and processing those resources into finished goods for the world market. Everybody else is just pushing paper and trading services. Economic growth comes from domestic production, not service work.

This is a self inflicted problem. The only people who are not to blame are those who did not ever buy imported products. I don't know anybody in that group, do you? That means we are all to blame.

The only recovery method will also have to be self inflicted, no majic government fix for this. If you need to buy something look for a US made alternative, it may not have an american name on it, but is it made here at home? You won't always find a US product but when you do, think it over and do what you can.





Kentucky has a precious few companies left