Outdoor & facilities photos

Outdoor & facilities photos


Picnic tables under the building near the office, pool, grills and beach steps.  Its a nice place to break for lunch if you are spending the day on the sand or in the pool area.


bbq grill area by the beach near the picnic tables.


There is a bike locking rack by the elevator lobby in the ground floor parking.  Lots of folks bring their bikes on vacation and this is a place to lock them down when not in use.


This is the breezeway near the office and pool gate as seen from the beach side.

lobby door

Ocean side elevator lobby doors on ground floor.  Both elevators are in this lobby along with luggage carts and grocery carts to help with bringing in supplies.  These doors are key access all the time for security and security cameras are placed around the property public areas indoors and out for your safety.  Without a key to the lobby you can't access the elevators to the walkways where the entry doors are.


This is the land side elevator lobby door, it is also key access only.  It is also the area that has the lockbox for late night arrival key drop.


Photo of elevators inside lobby.


Inside of elevator.

elevator panel

Elevator operator panel.



covered disability parking spaces


Second floor parking and access ramp and view of the neighborhood looking northwest.  There is elevator lobby keyed access form the second floor parking area also near the disability parking spots.


More of the neighborhood right across hwy A1A, you can also see the Halifax river or intracoastal waterway beyond the apartments.


Southwest view of the neighborhood.  As you can see this area is a mix of private homes, apartments, and condominium buildings.


South view of the neighborhood looking down towards the inlet.