Wire EDM



Our Charmilles CNC wire EDM machines are a state of the art addition that we made to complement our machining operation. After quite a bit of reasearch into available wire edm equipment we chose to aquire a Swiss built machines for high accuracy tool work. The machines are equipped with glass scale feedback and are capable of holding accuracy levels of .0002 and under when cutting hardened steels. If your job requires sharp internal corners, keyways, splines in bores, cutting of heat treated components, or extreme accuracy this may be an option for you. We also provide cutting services to surrounding machine shops that do not have in house edm capability. Our machines are fully automatic and are set up for untended operation 24/7. We can run parts around the clock to meet your needs.  We have recently added a second machine of the same model as is shown in the photo.  This effectively doubled our available EDM time which translates into greater efficiency of operation and quicker delivery capabilities.