Southpoint photos 3

Southpoint 3


This is a photo of the building taken from across Highway A1A.  The ground floor is parking area, trash dumpster, pool area.  The building is seven stories of rooms and has two elevators in the central column.  The elevator lobby is closed on three sides to provide wind and rain shelter and is key access for security. Stairs are located in the columns on the ends.  Our unit is on the sixth floor at the far left end.  Each floor has eleven units.  The unit entry doors open onto the common walkway that runs the length of the building.  Our door is protected behind the stair column so if its raining with wind like it does sometimes in Florida it is partially sheltered.  Being on the end also puts you far enough away from the elevator that the bell and door noise can not be heard.  There is also less foot traffic and noise outside the door since the unit is the one on the end.  There is a second floor parking level above the ground lot that is accessed from a ramp on the north end.


building 2

This is the north end of building as seen from the beach.  Our unit is on the right corner, sixth floor.  The master bedroom window is on the right and the balcony is to its immediate left.  On the ground floor in this photo in the breezeway is where you throw away your trash and the enclosed area at that level houses the utilities connections and the emergency generator room.


building 3

This is a view of the building from farther out on the beach.  The beach is really clean here and more natural than up at Daytona.  The sand is the same but it isn't packed down as hard.  No cars are allowed here on the sand except the beach patrol and trash pickup. Lighting is restricted at night part of the year because it is an active sea turtle nesting area.  Artificial light at night can confuse the mothers when they come in to lay their eggs and it can also confuse the hatchlings when they pop up at night to go towards the ocean. 


turtle nest

turtle nest


This is a marked turtle nest from August 2015 right in front of our building.  Turtle nests are serious business here and disturbing a nest or bothering a mother turtle will not end well with the local law enforcement folks or the residents.  Other than the lighting rules its not an inconvienience but we all have to respect their little plot of sand while they incubate. 

The female turtles that hatch from this nest will return to this beach as adults, if they survive, to build their nests.  They are like salmon returning to their birth stream, so preserving their habitat is important.



Picnic tables and beach chairs in the afternoon shade from the building.



Grill area and beach sand removal shower.



South beach access stairs.


north stairs

North side beach access stairs and public beach access path.



Our swimming pool, pool is fenced and key locked access for children safety and security.


pool 2

Another view of pool.  Nice to have it on the west side of the building, sunny in the afternoon.

night pool

Pool area at night, being able to use lighting at night is another advantage to a west side pool.  The area is secure behind the block fence and keyed gate.  Sometimes the summer sun is so hot that night time is the best time for a swim.